Tuesday, 16. 11.

Onli Tu (live!)

Freez (DJ!)
Breaks/funk/nudisco DJ from Zagreb/Croatia. Resident & promotor of the Breaklectica clubnight in club KSET + part of the Groodanje crew).

Wednesday, 17. 11.

Mario Kovač (DJ!)
Nobody knows how he does it, but we suspect that DJ/director/actor/performer/walking encyclopedia/composer/writer Mario Kovač is using his supernatural powers to be everywhere, all the time... But today, he's all ours! A resident at legendary Tuesdays at Gjuro and part of the inventory at Močvara, he'll make yet another appearance at Nu:Write to play only your favourite tunes ever.

Thursday, 18.11.

mirza (DJ!)
A Zagreb boy of exotic roots, mirza has played Zagreb, Bosnian, Czech and Croatian seaside clubs where he's used colourful sets with tonnes of vocals and rich in basslines to make innocent bystanders go out on the dancefloor and leave their hips and hearts on it. When he's not playing music, he's busy running his own booking agency, funk airlines bookings.

Friday, 19.11.

Elma & NT Wave (live!)
Elma's lovely voice and acoustic guitar playing is perfectly accompanied by Valent's crazyee beats, which makes for such a cute combo you'll wish you could put them in your pocket and take them home... But stick around - because the night's still young!

Instrumentalna služba spašavanja (live!)
If you've ever had the chance to see them perform, we know that you know... that they're... out there! (To put it mildly). Their instrumentals, as well as their presence, are hard to put into words, but we'll just tell you this - no, they are not in any of the plays, and yes, you've got to see it to believe it!

MLAT (live!)
A couple of years ago, Kova, Husta and Baljak, three guys from two of Croatia's most popular and radically awesome bands, Let 3 and Leut Magnetik, got together, put on their sweatpants and without any record label pressure whatsoever (or so they say) went into a rehearsal room for a experimental sound trip. Now that they're (finally) back, they've decided to let the world hear the sounds they've come up with. For the first time ever they'll leave their basement and, right here at Nu:Write, let you have it!

Carlito (DJ!)
2002-2008 resident of the "Blackout Lounge" programme in Aquarius club (Zagreb, Novalja-Zrće); 2001-2007 host of the Blackout Rap Show at Radio 101; Zlatna Koogla award for DJ of the year 2007.

Saturday, 20.11.

Shoot Me Wendy (live!)
Powerpop/post punk? Yeah, we know. Actually, we don't. Come and join us in exploring new music and see what these lads and lasses can do. For a sneak preview, go to:

Cruella Ribbons a.k.a Kelly White (live!)
Cruella Ribbons is Kelly White, an up-and-coming one girl act, who had previously played guitar at places like Glastonbury and SXSW, Texas, in Theoretical Girl’s backing band "The Equations". She refreshingly places her fierce female influences between Courtney Love and Dusty Springfield, but also adores Grey Gardens, Liza Minnelli, Gaga, Debbie from "Addams Family Values", Madeline from "Death Becomes Her", Sylvia Plath, Au pairs and red lipstick. She plays noisy elektropunk on solo guitar with pre-recorded beats from a weird-ass sound machine. Much like her hairstyle, her music is ever evolving.

Marmat (DJ!)
A regular at popular Zagreb clubs such as Sirup, Legacy, Babbar, Cab Club, Cica, Marmat has been with Nu:Write since "conception" so it was only fitting that he should see you all out the door at our closing party. Even though he's head of a DJ team called Sicko Disko, we think there's nothing healthier than wiggling your bottoms to his records all the way into the wee hours. Sounds like: Erlend Oye, Kruder&Dorfmeister, Juan Maclean, Kid Cudi, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Simian Mobile Disco, MGMT, Pet Shop Boys, Joy Division...

Borovich (DJ!)