EVENTS 2016.

Shakespeare's plays and soliloquys have given us countless plot tropes that still appear in everyday life, common expressions, phrases, sayings, in English and in many other world languages. They're part of pop-culture, a source of endless re-interpretations and even memes, we can recite them by heart without even realizing it's Shakespeare we're quoting. But how about poetry? What do Will's sonnets mean to us in the 21st century? Do people still like to read them today?

We do. We like reading them and hearing them read.

So bring your copy of the Sonnets and read us your favourite one, in English or in Croatian, it doesn't matter. Bring your translation of, say, Sonnet XVIII or CXXX, and let us hear the Bard's verses in your interpretation, your regional dialect or slang. Heck, bring your own poetry, written in iambic pentameter or not, in any other kind of meter, form or kind, read it to us or recite it and join us in commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death.

And even if you are shy or have stage fright, we know folks who suffer from no such ailments. Nu:Write's dear friends and associates, actors Marko Cindrić, Asim Ugljen, Goran Bogdan, Jonny Hoskins and many others, will read the Sonnets to us.

We'll also have a few of Dvorište's select beers and, if the unpredictable April weather doesn't ruin it for us, we'll sit on the terrace, chat about poetry and enjoy the warmth of early spring, Shakespeare's favourite time of the year, in the cruelest and the flimsiest, yet the most youthful month of all, mentioned in his opus the most often; the month of his birth and death - April, or, to be more precise, on April 21st at 8 PM. See you there!

*The event will take place as part of the global programme of events and activities called Shakespeare Lives which marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death throughout 2016, celebrating his life, work and legacy. Supported by the British Embassy Zagreb. #ShakespeareLives

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