Fishamble: The New Play Company is an internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning company dedicated to new work for the theatre. Recent productions presented on major Irish and international tours include Tiny Plays for Ireland by 25 writers, The Pride of Parnell Street by Sebastian Barry, and Forgotten by Pat Kinevane. 'Fishamble, a theatre company known for its uptake of novel and challenging work….' Irish Theatre Magazine Fishamble: The New Play Company is funded by the Arts Council and Dublin City Council. Its international touring is supported by Culture Ireland.

Babilonia Teatri is a multi-award winning Italian company from Oppeano (Verona) founded by Valeria Raimondi and Enrico Castellani that deals with reality and reflects it through their productions, such as Frankestein, Underwork, Pop Star, Pornobboy, The Best Of, The End, and others. Their shows are theatrical "blobs"; crystallised playlists; mirrors. Babilonia innovate the theatre by testing the endurance of language and poking fun at the most uncomfortable and shameful aspects of our society, all the while writing out new visual and linguistic codes.

Luke Barnes is a young British playwright, actor and director. He graduated from the Oxford School of Drama in 2009 and works in theatre, on TV, film and radio. He had two plays at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bottleneck and Chapel Street. Bottleneck will have a run at Soho Theatre in London in 2013, and Barnes was up for Most Promising Playwright Award at 2012 Off West End Awards. He is Leverhulme Playwright on Attachment at Liverpool Everyman Playhouse Theatres, and founder of SCRAWL theatre. As an actor (using the name Luke McEwan), he is known for the role of Rast in the TV series Game of Thrones, and he will appear on the next season of Skins. "Luke Barnes captures the voice of Britain's youth with wit and compassion. He emerges from this year's Fringe as a red-hot writing talent to watch." – Independent

Morana Foretić is a stage director who graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. She worked at the National Theatres in Zenica and Tuzla, Bosnia, and collaborated with Teatar Gaudeamus at the Cultural Centre Pešćenica in Zagreb, and independent and puppet theatre companies in Zadar. She also writes TV scripts. In 2011 she began collaborating with Nu:Write, directing the omnibus Playlist.

Asim Ugljen is a young Croatian actor, graduate of the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. His TV roles include those in the shows Dome slatki dome (Home Sweet Home) and Mamutica, film work includes the omnibus Zagrebačke priče (Recikliranje) – Zagreb stories (Recycling), 7sex7 and the short First Lady of Dubrava. In the theatre, he played in Fortinbras se napio (Fortinbras got drunk by Janusz Glowacki directed by Vjeran Zuppa at the Zagreb City Theatre Kerempuh, and Kako je Dunda spasila domovinu (How Dunda saved her country) by Slobodan Šnajder directed by Snježana Banović at the Istrian National Theatre in Pula.

Karlo Mrkša is a young actor originally from Karlovac, currently a student of acting at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. His roles include shorts Dostava (Delivery) and Vikend (Weekend) , and the popular TV show Larin izbor (Lara's Choice) .

Marko Manojlović is a young Serbian director who staged numerous plays in theatres across Serbia, including Atelje 212, Yugoslav Drama Theatre and Belgrade Drama Theatre. He won the annual "Duško Radović" theatre award for 2011.

Milutin Milošević is a Serbian actor, graduate of the Faculty of Drama Arts. His roles include the titles Sv. George Kills the Dragon, Belgrade Phantom, Chernobyl Diaries, Über Life, the Serbian TV series Žene s dedinja, and the theatre production Adio Kauboju Olja Savičević Ivančević directed by Ivica Buljan.

Tamara Krcunović is a Serbian actress, graduate of the Faculty of Drama Arts. During her studies, she was receiving a scholarship from the "Duško Radović" theatre, and upon graduating, she went on to enrol in the Paris National Conservatory. Her theatre work includes roles in Red vožnje Andreasa Sama and Razvaljivanje at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, and Svici at Atelje 212. She played in films Ginger – More Than a Game, Coriolanus and The Raven, and Serbian TV shows Nepobedivo srce, Ljubav i mržnja, and the French Sur le fil.

John Hinton is the artistic director of the British company Theatre of the Preposterous, graduate of the École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, international theatre practitioner, and lead singer-songwriter of local band Spalien Acecraft. John visited the first ever Nu:Write Theatre Festival in 2010 with the show The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection or the Survival of (R)Evolutionary Theories in the face of Scientific and Ecclesiastical Objections: being a Musical Comedy about Charles Darwin (1809-1882) , which has toured internationally with huge success. It was nominated for 'Best Production' and 'Best Theatre Performer' at the Adelaide Fringe earlier this year. This year, apart from performing his new show Ragnarok, he will hold a theatre workshop entiteld "Physical theatre: devising, improvisation and ensemble work."