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Teatar &TD – big theatre hall

Stealing Sweets and Punching People

by Phil Porter
Directed by Vicky Jones // Lighting and set: Florence Hendriks // Performed by Katie Elin-Salt (Emily), Kevin Hand (Mick), Michael Cox (Ben), Paula Jennings (Monica)

Emily is sixteen. She lives with her dad and works in a junk shop with no customers. She's got a nose like a white strawberry, hair like a demented angel, and a terrible secret. Adolescence, sexuality and guilt come together in this richly theatrical, macabre and often hilarious play. A story of ordinary life going badly wrong.

Tuesday, 16. 11., 20:00 – 22:30 (opening of the festival)
Wednesday, 17.11., 20:00 – 22:30
Thursday, 18.11., 19:00 – 21:30

Paines Plough
Tiny Volcanoes

by Laurence Wilson
Directed by James Grieve // Stage manager Harriet Stewart // Lighting and Sound Xenia Bayer // Video Tim Brunsden // Performed by Kevin Harvey and Michael Ryan

Tiny Volcanoes fuses comedy, dance and music, and looks at issues of national identity and belonging in contemporary British society. The Great British Bulldog has been usurped by snarling hybrids. The bowler hat has morphed into the hoodie. The culture of polite society is now a culture of blame and hatred, torn into extremes. Two actors play a cast of thousands in this full throttle roller-coaster ride through the dilapidated attractions of noble old Blighty, exposing the millions of tiny volcanoes bubbling up through this green and pleasant land. With hymns.

Friday, 19. 11., 20:00 – 21:00
Saturday, 20. 11., 21:00 – 22:00

Teatar &TD – semicircular theatre hall

Folded Feather
Suitcase Circus

Performed and choreographed by Oliver Smart // Music by Matthew Short

A mad, gritty, chaotic world of miniatures. Everyday object like potato sacks, gloves and teapots find new life as moody and eccentric cabaret stars; Madame Teapot, the 'stainless steel diva'; Dan Der Uras, a daredevil ski glove straight from the slopes of Switzerland; and Wobulous Discombobulous, an anarchic sock - to name a few! Expertly choreographed and set to live music, it's guaranteed to raise a smile - and perhaps an eyebrow.

Tuesday, 16. 11., 18:30 – 19:30
Wednesday, 17. 11., 21:00 – 22:00
Thursday, 18. 11., 21:45 – 22:45


Is Everyone O.K.?

By Joel Horwood
Directed by George Perrin // Developed with Lucy Kerbel // Music by Arthur Darvill // Choreography by Georgina Lamb
// Assistant Directors Melanie Hillyard and Laura Keefe // Produced for nabokov by Suzanne Carter // Performed by Daniel Rigby, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Katie Elaine Burke

A 60-minute brutally honest combination of explosive stand-up comedy and stand-up tragedy that defines the anger, fear and frustrations of the generation of the lost and bewildered – of anyone who has ever hit 30 and asked themselves if they're doing okay or if everything's gone to shit. Daisy’s job’s on the line and whilst she can’t remember why she has it, she’s sure she can’t afford to lose it. Meanwhile Em’s about to become a self-elected single mother and Cameron doesn’t know what to do with these strange warm feelings that the office temp has infected him with…

Friday, 19. 11., 21:30 – 22:30
Saturday, 20. 11., 20:00 – 21:00


MM centre

Box of Tricks Theatre
True Love Waits

by Kenneth Emson, Evan Placey and Marcelo Dos Santos
Directed by Adam Quayle, Hannah Tyrell Pinder // Performed by Victoria Bavister (Charlie), Natasha James (Alice), Sarah Llewellyn-Shore (Judith)

True Love Waits, a commission by three of the hottest talents from the Royal Court's Young Writers' Programme, is an explosive, darkly comic drama of three interweaving monologues for three women writing to a prisoner on death row, as their separate lives begin to interweave and collide. Daniel is a convicted murderer on Death Row. Alice is his neurotic girlfriend. Charlie is a 15-year-old girl from Reading. Judith, a God-fearing mother. They all write to Daniel. They all need Daniel. But will true love wait?

Tuesday, 16. 11., 21:00 – 22:00
Wednesday, 17. 11., 19:00 – 20:00
Thursday, 18. 11., 19:00 – 20:00


Tangram Theatre Company
The Origin of Species

Directed by Daniel Goldman //Performed by John Hinton

A new musical comedy about barnacles, the perils of marrying your own cousin, and why dolphins are actually rabbit fish; the one man show that tells you all you ever needed to know about Charles Darwin and his (R)evolutionary theories but were too afraid to ask.! From his school boy antics to his adventures on board the Beagle to his discovery of the greatest idea... ever (!), this shows reveals Darwin as a thinker and a lover (of barnacles) but most crucially as a guitar toting composer of some of the silliest songs about evolution you’ll ever hear.

Friday 19. 11., 19:00 – 20:00
Saturday, 20. 11., 19:00 – 20:00


All spaces in Student Centre

The Tristan Bates Theatre (In collaboration with Studio Kubus, Teatar Gaudeamus and Kelkope dance studio)

Midnight Matinees

Creative producer/Choreography by Laura Kriefman // Assistent to the producer: Kirsten Natasha Borkowska // Performed by Alice Louise Bray , Elizabeth Anne Bassham, Megan Ford, Laura Alexandra Casey, Jamie Lewis Hadley, Joseph Fairweather Hole, Jay Benjamin Foreman, Sam Curtis Lindsay, Martin David Murphy, Joseph Owen Brady

After touring the UK, including sell-out performances at the Edinburgh Festival 2010, they are now being brought to Zagreb. The Midnight Matinees are a raw, provocative, unpredictable, cross-arts night adventure, and will take place from midnight till morning across all SC and &TD venues.

The Guerilla Dance Project – random acts of dance that happen when you least expect; short films at Cinema SC; Pistol+Jack and Jay Foreman – two one-hour cabaret performances; Spam and Beans - pub quiz; Charlie Henry – The Owl and The Pussy Cat shadow puppetry+workshop; Sara Stanic – Antigone, with a girl DJ; The Three Pigs - four separate 1-man shows; three interactive installations - Midnight Men (computer game projected onto a wall), a room called When was the last time someone said you were beautiful?, and a maze about all the things you lose in the dark; Dialogue-o-mat – audience activated dialogues; hidden performances; 1-on-1 monologues; treasure hunt; Poetry Corner – 100 epic poems recited in order and the Bard's sonnets... All of this, and who knows what else!

Saturday/Sunday, 20. 11./21. 11., 00:00 – 03:00