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1927 theatre company: Animals and Children Took to the Streets

Created & Performed by 1927
Writer, Director & Performer Suzanne Andrade
Film Animation & Design Paul Barritt
Costume Designer & Performer Esme Appleton
Composer & Performer Lillian Henley

Trust no one, not even your shadow!

Welcome to the Bayou, a part of the city feared and loathed wherein lies the infamous Bayou Mansions; a sprawling, stinking tenement block, where curtain-twitchers and peeping-toms live side by side, and the wolf... is always at the door.

Seamlessly synchronizing live music, performance and storytelling with stunning films and animation this is the wickedly twisted new tale from the multiple award-winning company behind Malthouse Theatre's 2008 sensation Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. After a premiere season at Sydney Opera House and before a run at the London National Theatre, the group tour their newest work, an even more enigmatic tale of dubious characters inhabiting a dystopian metropolis of inner city paranoia.

1927's black humoured tale of The Animals and Children Took to the Streets is a truly unforgettable production and deserves acclaim of its own. -- *****, Time Out Sydney This is an entrancing show. Don't miss it. -- ****, Sydney Morning Herald

15th November 2011 – Teatar &td big hall – 8 p.m. – duration 1 hour 15 min
16th November 2011 – Teatar &td big hall – 8 p.m. – duration 1 hour 15 min


1. On i ona (Him and Her): written by Ivana Gudelj (inspired by the song Samo na čas by Haustor), director Iva Srnec, performed by Antonio Franić and Ines Cokarić
2. Melankolija (Melancholia): written by Diana Meheik (inspired by the song Melankolija by Azra), director Frana Marija Vranković, performed by Antonio Franić and Ivana Krizmanić
3. Ono Vani (That out there): written by Marinko Koščec (inspired by the song Par godina za nas by EKV), director Morana Foretić, performed by Mia Biondić and Marko Cindrić
4. Histerika (Hysterica): written by Irena Čurik (inspired by the song Dan Republike by Zabranjeno pušenje), director Ivana Čoh, performed by Ivana Krizmanić
5. Parobrod (Steamboat): written by Lana Brčić (inspired by the song Šejn by Haustor), director Renata Carola Gatica, performed by Ines Cokarić, Vladimir Tintor, Antonio Franić and Marko Cindrić
6. Otac i sin (Father and son): written by Jordan Cvetanović (inspired by the song Retko te viđam sa devojkama by Idoli), director Iva Srnec, performed by Vladimir Tintor and Miran Kurspahić
7. Samo na čas (Only for a moment): written by Beatrica Kurbel (inspired by the song Samo na čas by Haustor), director Ivana Čoh, performed by Csilla Barath Bastaić, Marko Cindrić
8. Ona hoda sama kroz grad (She Walks Alone Through The City): written by Ivor Martinić (inspired by the song Aut by EKV), director Irena Čurik, performed by Romina Vitasović

Live music performed by Ana Bogdan, Goran Malić, Ivan Glasnović, Lana Brčić

Director of PLAYlist Morana Foretić
Creator Marko Cindrić
Original concept Derek Bond
Light design Marino Frankola and Vesna Kolarec
Sound design Dražen Gavrilović
Producer Vedrana Reberšak

Eight short plays inspired by Balkan New Wave songs put together into a theatrical PLAYlist - sounds hard to envision, but this was exactly what both new and established Croatian playwrights had to do. Their task was to pick their favourite song by a New Wave band from the region and write a short play no longer in duration than the song it was inspired by. The sold out production was created in five days of intense work in March 2011 and is now returning to Teatar &td in its new and improved run.

16th November 2011 – Teatar &TD small hall – 9.30 p.m. – duration 60 min.
17th November 2011 – Teatar &TD small hall – 9.30 p.m. – duration 60 min.

PLAYlist will be visually supported by an exibition by Belgrade photographer Zorica Bajin Đukanović, portraying ex-Yugo rock music protagonists of the 1970s and '80s.

Doctor Brown: Becaves

Dr Brown is the stage persona of Philip Burgers, a London-based performer/clown/idiot originally from California. He trained for two years with French Clown Master Philippe Gaulier and is currently touring his internationally acclaimed one-man show, 'Dr. Brown: Becaves'. This internationally renowned visual comedy absurdist and surrealist was named 2010 Best Newcomer by the Sunday Times (UK), and Time Out Critic's Choice in 2010. He was nominated for the Malcolm Hardee Award for Original Comedy in both 2010 and 2011, and for a Total Theatre award in 2011 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He has garnered rave reviews in eight countries, sold out his seasons in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Edinburgh, Prague, Dubai and Hong Kong and "resoundingly justifies his growing cult fame" **** - The Guardian, UK 2011.

'About as bonkers an hour of comedy as ever you would find - part Mr Bean, part Buster Keaton, all odd' **** (Sunday Times).
'An utterly bizarre, dreadfully funny hour of uncompromising anti-comedy' **** (Time Out).
'Rude, messy but rather marvellous, full of provocation, impishness, waywardness' **** (Times).
'Laugh-out-loud hilarious... bizarre genius' **** (List).
'Genius ... There are visions you'll never get out of your head' **** (Herald Sun, Australia).

17th November 2011 - MM Centar - 8 pm - duration 60 min.
18th November 2011 - MM Centar - 8 pm - duration 60 min.

Box of Tricks Theatre+Nu:Write: Tales of Two Cities

Shove: written by Kenneth Emson, directors Adam Quayle/Hanna Tyrell-Pinder, performed by Ross Armstrong
Struck by Love/Train: written by Evan Placey, directors Adam Quayle/Hanna Tyrell-Pinder, performed by Natasha James
David: written by Daniel Kanaber, directors Adam Quayle/Hanna Tyrell-Pinder, performed by Adam Best
Zagreb, Mon Amour: written by Srđan Sandić, director Franka Perković, performed by Petar Cvirn
The One Who Waits: written by Olja Lozica director Franka Perković, performed by Lada Bonacci
To Fuck Because We Want To: written by Vedrana Klepica, director Franka Perković, performed by Ivana Krizmanić

Producer Anita Bastašić

Dubbed the next generation of new writing, Box of Tricks is a company committed to developing and producing the best new work around; discovering, nurturing and promoting the next generation of playwrights. Drawn to plays that have an immediacy and relevance today: the stories that need to be told, the voices that need to be heard, they are continually looking forward, seeking new challenges and scaling new heights; bringing the next generation of new writing to the stage today.
Box of Tricks and Nu:Write join forces to stage Tales of Two Cities: a transnational theatrical adventure in six parts. The Anglo-Croat company present six 15-minute monologues inspired by place: three London plays in English, three Zagreb plays in Croatian. Celebrating these two great capital cities, this is theatre without boundaries: a cross-cultural, bilingual collaboration that unites the very best of both worlds.

18th November 2011 – Teatar &td small hall – 9.15 p.m. – duration 90 min.
19th November 2011 – Teatar &td small hall – 5 p.m. and 9.15 p.m. – duration 90 min.

Tristan Bates Theatre: Midnight Matinees

The Tristan Bates Theatre is a thorn in the side of the West End. This intimate award-winning studio has received critical acclaim for "Crush" (Fringe First Award 2009, and National Tour), "I Found My Horn", "Lilly Through The Dark", "Ed Rapley", "Motherland", "And Then You Die!", "Louder Than Words", "Ignition" and the "Midnight Matinees". The Midnight Matinees have toured the UK including sell-out performances at the Edinburgh Festival 2010 and Nu:Write Theatre Festival 2010. Following last year’s spellbinding, sleep-defying Nu:Write closing night event, the Tristan Bates Theatre returns with its regular London sell-out late night adventure the Midnight Matinees. Occupying multiple spaces with a multitude of the finest performers, musicians and mischief-makers, grab a few drinks and expect the unexpected!

This year’s line-up includes:
Plus a DJ, late bar, hidden surprises and unplanned adventures!

19th November 2011 – MM Centre, Teatar &TD big hall, SEK, Teatar &TD small hall, Café bar – 00.00 - 3.30