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Fishamble : Silent (IRELAND)
'Hopeless, helpless, in-the-way person'

Written and performed by Pat Kinevane
Directed by Jim Culleton
Composed by Denis Clohessy
Produced by Marketa Dowling

Homeless McGoldrig once had splendid things. But he has lost it all - including his mind. He now dives into the wonderful wounds of his past through the romantic world of Rudolph Valentino, in this brave, bold, beautiful production. Silent is currently wowing audiences on its extensive Irish touring and internationally in Europe and the USA.

Fishamble: The New Play Company is an internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning company dedicated to new work for the theatre. Recent productions presented on major Irish and international tours include Tiny Plays for Ireland by 25 writers, The Pride of Parnell Street by Sebastian Barry, and Forgotten also by Pat Kinevane.

Running time: 80 minutes

Review Quotes:

"passionate one-man show…Mr. Kinevane interprets Valentino's highly theatrical screen presence to stunning effect...carefully wrought production…[he] doesn’t just demand [the audience’s] attention, he commands it. And that difference is what makes Mr. Kinevane an artist of the theater." Ben Brantley, The New York Times

"Kinevane moves, in a striking performance under Jim Culleton’s effective direction, with the elegance of a dancer and the engaged poise of a boxer. It’s a startling combination...the caress of poetry and the disarming direct address of stand-up...a moving story, which, until its end, pulses with the erratic noise of life." Irish Times

"bawdily humorous and at times moving production...Kinevane moves around the stage with extraordinary grace" Irish Mail on Sunday

"Fishamble, a theatre company known for its uptake of novel and challenging work…quite haunting and delivered by Kinevane in a fusion of dance and monologue that blend into a kind of theatrical extravaganza, engendering superb audience appreciation…Kinevane has an extremely acute, innate and intuitive sense of comedy that enable him to tightrope across the gross and heartbreaking circumstances of life, in jest without sacrificing the poignant sadness of a given predicament." Irish Theatre Magazine

"a must-see if ever there was one" ***** The List

"unflinching, intensely physical performance..bristling with black humour" ***** The Scotsman

"fabulous dance of whirling words..a bravura outpouring of sorrow, anger, hurt and lacerating wit." ***** The Herald

"a brilliantly crafted demonstration of everything that is possible in live performance."***** The Skinny

Silent won the Scotsman Fringe First Award and Herald Angel Award at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Fishamble: The New Play Company is funded by the Arts Council and Dublin City Council. Its international touring is supported by Culture Ireland.

PERFORMANCES: 12th and 13th November at 20:00 , Velika dvorana, Teatar &td

There will be a post-show discussion after the performance on the 13th.

Babilonia Teatri : Made In Italy (ITALY)

Written, directed and performed by Valeria Raimondi and Enrico Castellani

The Italian North. A factory of prejudice, vulgarity and hypocrisy: a mass producer of triteness presented in the form of litany, and families that look up to the Holy Family but are permeated by pop culture idolatry, intolerance and fanaticism. Accompanied by live music that dictates the logic of the performance, Made in Italy is made up of scenes constantly interrupted, images overflowing, and words spat out like crossfire to reflect the fragmented contradictions of the (Italian) society today. It doesn't narrate a linear story, but takes the gloves off to pungently and wryly photograph, condensate, and dissect reality, as well as take an auto-ironic look within. A pop rock punk show that offers many possible outlooks, but no (re)solutions. Made in Italy won the Premio Scenario 2007.

Multi-award winning Italian company Babilonia Teatri from Oppeano (Verona) deals with reality and reflects it through their productions, such as Frankestein, Underwork, Pop Star, Pornobboy, The Best Of, The End, and others. Their shows are theatrical "blobs"; crystallised playlists; mirrors. Babilonia innovate the theatre by testing the endurance of language and poking fun at the most uncomfortable and shameful aspects of our society, all the while writing out new visual and linguistic codes.

PERFORMANCE: 16th November, 20:00, Velika dvorana, Teatar &td

Nu:Write Theatre Festival Presents : Scottstown (UK – CROATIA)

Written by Luke Barnes
Directed by Morana Foretić
Performed by Asim Ugljen and Karlo Mrkša

Scottstown is the story of Scott being bored. He's bored and pissed off - trapped in his cycle of helping the people he hates find talc powder and having shit banter with the smack heads in the pub. He's stuck and needs a change and this is the story, told by two men and a cheap Casio keyboard, of how he finally breaks free.

Luke Barnes is a young British playwright, actor and director. He graduated from the Oxford School of Drama in 2009 and works in theatre, on TV, film and radio. He had two plays at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bottleneck and Chapel Street. Bottleneck will have a run at Soho Theatre in London in 2013, and Barnes was up for Most Promising Playwright Award at 2012 Off West End Awards. He is Leverhulme Playwright on Attachment at Liverpool Everyman Playhouse Theatres, and founder of SCRAWL theatre. As an actor (using the name Luke McEwan), he is known for the role of Rast in the TV series Game of Thrones.

"Luke Barnes captures the voice of Britain's youth with wit and compassion. He emerges from this year's Fringe as a red-hot writing talent to watch."
- Independent

Morana Foretić, a stage director, graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. She worked at the National Theatres in Zenica and Tuzla, Bosnia, and collaborated with Teatar Gaudeamus at the Cultural Centre Pešćenica in Zagreb, and independent and puppet theatre companies in Zadar. She also writes TV scripts. In 2011 she began collaborating with Nu:Write, directing the omnibus Playlist.

PERFORMANCES: 14th and 15th November at 20.00; 16th and 17th November at 19.00, Polukružna dvorana, Teatar &td

Predstava u stanu – The Apartment Play (SERBIA)
(using motives from Marriage Play by Edward Albee)

Directed by Marko Manojlović
Performed by Milutin Milošević and Tamara Krcunović

Behind closed doors of an apartment just like any other, two people you'll think you know will make you feel very familiar things. Performed in an intimate space in front of 15 people at a time, providing a unique experience of immediacy and authenticity, the play puts the audience at the centre of an evening in which a young couple, during a conflict that retraces the history of their relationship, play out universally recognizable rituals of monogamous relationships. On this evening, the tenderest of intimacies are intertwined with the lowest of blows – for, those who know you best, know what hurts the most.

Marko Manojlović is a young Serbian director who staged numerous plays in theatres across Serbia, including Atelje 212, Yugoslav Drama Theatre and Belgrade Drama Theatre. He won the annual "Duško Radović" theatre award for 2011.

PERFORMANCES: 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th November at 20.00 in a downtown Zagreb apartment – exact location to be announced

Theatre of the Preposterous: Ragnarok: The Weird of the Gods, a solo musical comedy about Norse Mythology (UK)

Written and performed by John Hinton

The world is teeming with concerns about the End of the World. The Mayan calendar cycle comes to an end in December this year; prophecies from Nostradamus, Revelations and other sources are coming true left, right and centre; climate change is increasingly making its presence felt… Are we right to be concerned? Are we living in the End of Days? Or are apocalyptic thoughts a perennial part of human nature?

A new British theatre company, Theatre of the Preposterous, present for you an epic tale of the hugest importance to us all. Ragnarok: The Weird of the Gods, is the story of the End of the World according to Norse Mythology. The Norse gods permeate our lives more than most of us realise – they gave their names to four of our seven days of the week, they have influenced Christianity, they have spawned operas and comic strips and films. And their tale of how everything is going to end is one of the most incredible, heart-wrenching, action-packed stories ever told. The show deals with themes of family bonds, revenge and environmental damage, told through a combination of physical theatre and Hinton’s characteristic comic folk pop music (he is lead singer-songwriter of local band Spalien Acecrraft, whose YouTube videos will give you an idea of the vein of song-writing to expect).

John Hinton visited the first ever Nu:Write Theatre Festival in 2010 with the show The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection or the Survival of (R)Evolutionary Theories in the face of Scientific and Ecclesiastical Objections: being a Musical Comedy about Charles Darwin (1809-1882) , which has toured internationally with huge success. It was nominated for ‘Best Production’ and for ‘Best Theatre Performer’ at the Adelaide Fringe earlier this year.

Ragnarok first appeared at UK’s Brighton Fringe Festival in May. Here are some reviews from that run:

"A genuinely imaginative, bonkers show… Superb…" ***** Fringe Guru

"Wild, brilliantly devised and supremely executed" ***** What’s On Stage

PERFORMANCES: 16th and 17th November at 21:00, Student Centre MM hall (behind Teatar &td)